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11/15/20202 min read


And here it is in greater detail - a plaque honoring Gary Gygax. A hidden gem indeed!

Horticultural Hall - where Gen Con started back in August of 1968. Nearly 100 gamers and fans attended that initial gaming convention. Compare this to Gen Con's attendance in 2017 of nearly 208,000 fans who came from around the world to attend the event now located in downtown Indianapolis, IN. I wonder if any present at that inaugural day would ever have believed the growth that was going to take place?

A front view of Horticultural Hall, the birthplace of Gen Con.

This is it. In the early 60's, Gary got married and moved back to Chicago. Just a few years later he would return to Lake Geneva to rent this house at 330 Center Street. Here he builds an infamous gaming table in his basement to host various miniature wargames - and eventually this is the birthplace where the D&D game was created.